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Prunty’s pharmacy department closes

By Staff | Nov 25, 2009

After 19 years of dedicated service to the customers in the Tyler County communities, Prunty’s will no longer be able to provide prescription services.

Effective Nov. 24, Owner Larry Prunty gave up the struggle with prescription insurance payments containing less profits and drastic decreases in non-presciption sales due to economic slowdown. According to Prunty, the economic relief provided to Wall Street companies was not available to small businesses and banks were reluctant to loan in this depressed period.

“Insurance prescription cards are continuing to force pharmacies to accept take-it-or-leave-it contracts that pay below cost or slightly above,” he said.

Prunty urged all customers to contact their congressmen and stress to them how important it is that pharmacies are reimbursed in a profitable and timely manner. “Tell them you want to be able to shop locally and not be forced to settle for mandated mail order or travel many miles to a participating pharmacy,” Prunty stressed.

He continued, “We have always prided ourselves in trying to provide personal service and convenience to our customers. To all our customers, especially the home bound, we are greatly sorry for this inconvenience in your health coverage. You have been our extended family for many years and it is hard to let you go. The grieving for having to dismiss out staff, many of which worked for us for over 10 years, was worse than losing a parent.”

Prunty said whoever his employees work for in the future will get a hard working and dedicated staff.

Though the pharmacy transactions ceased as of Tuesday, Prunty said the beauty shop and the gift shop will remain open for business. “We hope you continue to enjoy our personal touch,” he said. “Again, many thanks for your patronage of our prescription services. May God bless you all and have a happy holiday season.”