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TYLER ALIVE is killing the county

OK, how many strikes does Tyler Alive have to get before they are out? I, for one, am sick and tried of hearing about ideas for the Town of Sistersville and the County as a whole that do not promote brining business into this area. First, it was the Poor Farm, now it's an Arts and Learning Center in Sistersville. I'm not saying that NO ONE in the county is interested in such a thing, but it's not going to bring business into the county or promote the ones we already have that are dying. The economy is bad. People are losing their jobs. Do you honestly think they are spending their time wishing they knew how to crochet or do pottery? No. For the most part those people (who make up the majority) are worrying about how to survive. If you want to make a difference in this county, figure out a way to make jobs for the people who are out of work; find homes for the people who are about to lose theirs; and get the children in our communities involved in sports and other clubs to ke


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