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Unfair Water Rates!

I currently live outside of the city limits, but when I lived in town AND opened up my small business, my water bill about BROKE my family... and it is contaminated and unsafe to drink, plus it smells... what is up with getting a contamination letter 6 months after the fact, as well as the water being shut off with no prior notice to the household families and businesses? I recently had to move my business to another city because I would rather have lower prices on my services to the community, with unpredictable water rates climbing, i have found that it is much easier to run my business elsewhere due to the simple fact that my rent at the new location is half the price as the Sistersville water bill. Sure the new little park behind the Post Office is pretty for the eye, but don't you think that money couldve been used to make an attempt to modernize the water system? To receive a grant, some attempt has to be made first. But, the city sure is pretty, huh...


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