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2226 days ago.
by wvmom21

Line holders at court house threatened by sheriff deputy

I heard from a reliable source that deputy Huffman cussed and threatened all of the line holder because they were in there cars when it was storming he said he was going to throw all there chairs away and write them all a ticket for littering. I know a couple of the young Tyler county girls that are line holder that wouldn't harm a flea and don't deserve to be treated that way.


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I personally have not had the 'privilege' of seeing the line holders, but I have heard from others who have witnessed it and the remarks were never positive. If these people cannot respect the property of Middlebourne and the property owners, then the county commissioners need to come up with a better solution for the abstracters to gain access to the county records.

Posted 2226 days ago.

I for one, am against the idea of line holders. If they want to use the court house facility, they should be there at the regular time the doors open...Not only is it unsightly, they do litter their cigarette butts everywhere, now they are even working their way down to the Fire Dept with their litter. I have came home from ambulance runs in the wee hour of the morning with them roaming around in the streets without getting out of the way...yes, pedestrians has the right of way to cross the street, if crossing the street but they were just standing around talking.It is annoying to the residence who lives near the courthouse and on numerous occasions they have blocked residents mail boxes on East Street, although I do not live in town, I will be the first to jump on board to put an end to this.

Posted 2231 days ago.

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