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Running in Circles - Liberal Bias

I am writing in regards to the almost weekly liberal writings from the Tyler Star News's very own Lisa Post. I am not usually one to publicly express my opinion on topics such as religion and politics, but frankly I am finding Ms. Post's weekly biased writings to get rather tiresome. If Ms. Post is given the opportunity on a weekly basis to share her own, left-leaning, personal opinions, then perhaps the other side, the conservative side, should have an equal opportunity. From her prior supportive columns concerning welfare and Wall Street protests, to her most recent column that obviously blasts the idea of prayer at BOE meetings, it is obvious that Ms. Post is a die-hard liberal who has no qualms about foregoing the basic ethics and teachings of un-biased journalism so readers can know about her own views. Having studied writing and journalism in college, I learned that a main lesson for writers and journalists to keep in mind, is to take a reader-centered approach. I believe tha


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