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Happy 4th of July, 2011

I am going to recount as best I can a story that was printed in the TSN some years ago by Walter McCoy. It involves a World War I cannon, a mischievious young lad delivering Wheeling papers, and a Sistersville Police Chief in the 1950's. Anyhoo, this kid decided to set that cannon off that stood silent in the court yard of the Sistersville City Hall. The kid got the wadding, gun powder, and all the fixings from the Durham Hardware. In those days, no one questioned someone getting gun powder because there still was some limited oil activity. Anyhoo, this kid wanted to play a practical joke on then City Chief Alvy Grey. Grey had fought in WWII. At dawn on July 4, boom went the cannon, Grey hit the floor with his revolver ready to fire, and broken glass all over downtown. If I recount my story right, it was quite the huge story in town at that time. If Joney could find the article and reprint it, I would appreicate it very much!!!!


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