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WTF? Robert G Tippins Ward

Other than by asking, I haven'e seen, or heard a word about this award. Why? When you sit on a bench outside the Tyler County Courthouse...Thank Bob Tippins. When you walk the trail along the water front...Thank Bob. I know he didn't do everything in a void. But, many times he was the insipiration, and drive, that led to results. So, an award was started in his honor. I thought his award fund would grow. After all, who could deny such a worthy cause a dollar or two? Other than Talkington's Gun Shop, not many feel the same...or so it seems. I am saddened by how quickly the memory of good deeds whithers, and falls from the tree...forgotten...lost. And when the question begs an answer, " Who built these benches and monuments?" No one dares speak; as memories are short and the quiet great sleep undisrurbed...unremembered


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