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It should be fairly obvious to readers on this site that there are some differences of opinion between some of the business owners here in town. Nasty rumors designed to hurt people’s business and reputations are being floated and there is an obvious attempt to create a “us vs them” mentality. Lets all knock it off. We need to work together. That’s why I printed and hand delivered, at my own expense, several thousand fliers up and down the valley for my business and included advertising for the other two restaurants in town. Why would I include ads for my competitors for free? Because there is enough business for all and we should all work together to improve the business climate. When I was young my mother used to tell me to consider the source when someone said something to me. To consider why they would say things. When you hear things, ask yourself why. Having choices of where to eat is good for Sistersville. I encourage everyone to patron ALL of our restaurants.


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