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Tyler County Happenings

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109 days ago.
by ILuvTylerCo
Is it closing? ? ?

Posts: 2 - So, heard a rumor today that Lucy's in Middlebourne may be closing for some reason. I questioned this rumor as I see they put in the new building behind the old on.

119 days ago.
by blogger57
Enthusiasm vs. Ethics

Posts: 11 - A reporter is the proverbial “elephant” in the room: everyone knows he’s there but they do their best to overlook him. By definition, his job is to report his findings without bia.

Road Troubles

Posts: 0 - Anyone else experiencing potholes and bad roads from the oil and gas industry? Up Route 23 in the Flint area, the roads are absolutely awful! I don't mind the drilling as much, yet, but I do wish...

Mayor Residency

Posts: 0 - So why weren't all of the councilmen at the meeting this evening? Not enough for a forum.

302 days ago.
by wvmom21
Line holders at court house threatened by sheriff deputy

Posts: 2 - I heard from a reliable source that deputy Huffman cussed and threatened all of the line holder because they were in there cars when it was storming he said he was going to throw all there chairs...

424 days ago.
by dangerousdaneerfan
Tell Fox and City Council "HELL NO!!!!"

Posts: 4 - Show up Monday night at Sistersville City Council and tell Fox and City Council*****NO on the proposed $1/thousand gallons surcharge to be added to our water bills to provide city sewage to Hanford...

476 days ago.
by rudycaparros
Hazmat Prepared

Posts: 0 - Is the Sistersville Fire department trained and able to handle a chemical accident with csx? What do the residents, who live next to the tracks, do in a case of an emergency?Why are Trucks with...

485 days ago.
by indabourne

Posts: 0 - Heard some talk of a new football coach at Tyler Consolidated for next year. A former resident who has been living and coaching in the south.

508 days ago.
by whyohwhy
Sistersville High School building

Posts: 0 - Does anyone have any idea how many people are living in the old high school?

522 days ago.
by whyohwhy
Missing Dog

Posts: 0 - Missing a small Black,white and brindle male Boston Terrier from Smith Ridge Rd. Sistersville. Missing since 10/25/12 around 7PM. He answers to the name Boots or Booter. He is 8yrs ol.

539 days ago.
by TylerResident
Trick Or Treat

Posts: 0 - Does anyone know when Trick Or Treat is for Sistersville and Middlebourne??

563 days ago.
by TylerResident
WTF is going on at City Hall????

Posts: 0 - Enquiring minds want to know!!!!!

563 days ago.
by TylerResident
Tyler Artisan Co-op

Posts: 0 - What happened to the Artisan Co-op? It was my favorite place to shop for local handmade items.

563 days ago.
by TylerResident
Corruption in the schools

Posts: 0 - It's sad when our young educators have to move away to find a job because if your parents aren't teachers or there name isn't among the elite your not going to get a job here! You can't even get...

577 days ago.
by whyohwhy
R U Guys suizidal?

Posts: 0 - This is for the person, who is responsible for the Gas festival. How do you sleep at night? Why do you ask for 3 Bucks for admission, but take the risk of a multimillion Dollar Lawsuit.

585 days ago.
by whyohwhy
Why are the water bills so late????

Posts: 0 - "The city should run as well, or better, than ever," commented Fox. "Hopefully, we can make a smooth transition in the department, without encountering any major issues.

588 days ago.
by Jaskot1
Mark Walker 4 Mayor!!!!

Posts: 0 - Unlike Preident Obama who promised us "Hope and Change" which ended up being very little hope and just a little change in our pockets, Mr Walker will provide REAL hope and change for...

603 days ago.
by whyohwhy
New life in an empty building?

Posts: 0 - I see activity in the old Millers Pharmacy bldg. Anyone know what's happening? Did someone buy it? I hope so.

640 days ago.
by Iamchaz
I'm a bad electrician

Posts: 0 - So, I just heard that I'm a very bad electrician and I should for sure not fix the lighting in the Library. I don't care about the library, but , I'm a bad Electricia.

644 days ago.
by RandallEastham
City worker uses a city generator at his house

Posts: 0 - How could a city worker use a city owned generator at his house during the recent power outage? Why did the city not have this generator somewhere else to use? Would the city allow any other...