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Tyler County Happenings

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1271 days ago.
by Iamchaz

Posts: 0 - Where did everyone go? Seems like since the new format was put in place on here everyone who posted on here vanished! I'm all alone! Come back!

1278 days ago.
by coco1954
Main Street Middlebourne

Posts: 0 - It is so nice to see the progress they are doing on Main Street. The business owners are also doing their job to better our community. Let just hope it will continue with the some home owners.

1281 days ago.
by ILuvTylerCo

Posts: 0 - I just wanted to say thank you to the few that came out for Park day! We got the new playground equipment installed and I really appreciate the help! Mike and Nancy Kester, Grant and Kathy...

Middle Island Creek watershed association

Posts: 0 - It is hard to believe that a watershed the size of Middle Island Creek (proported to be the longest creek in WV) does not have a watershed association.

1286 days ago.
by WVprincess
New forum format causing confusion

Posts: 0 - Forum Administrator - new format is causing confusion as noted by IamChaz on ferry boat post. Can you please return to previous format or change it so new posts do not appear to be from originator??

1286 days ago.
by whyohwhy
Sistersville Ferry Reopens

Posts: 0 - I read in today’s paper that the city council renewed the Sistersville Ferry’s insurance policy and that the ferry will keep running.

1291 days ago.
by whyohwhy
City Hall Falls Into Disrepair

Posts: 0 - How in God's name did the City let a historic building fall into such disrepair???? Does anyone know that you have to maintain things???? Maybe instead of getting all those "state of the...

1292 days ago.
by justoutsidecitylimits
park behind Post Office

Posts: 0 - Who was the rocket scientist that approved the flowering bush to be planted on the corner? It's hard enough to get out onto Rt2 without a bush obstructing the view.

1293 days ago.
Tyler County Gone Wild???

Posts: 0 - I think the recent events from the races this past weekend are nothing short of disgusting, disrespectful, & an embarassment to our county.

1294 days ago.
by Imper1ousF1g
Sunday Market in Sistersville

Posts: 0 - A group of people have been setting up a Market in front of the Wells Inn on Sundays. I urge you to support this effort and come check it out. They are open from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. every Sunday.

1295 days ago.
by Hariharakadan

Posts: 0 - Did I just dream it? ...or was it just a rumor? We had a fatal shooting within the city limits, near many homes this past week.

1301 days ago.
by WVprincess
~ Facebook ~

Posts: 0 - Pages & Groups.

1303 days ago.
by Suzie40
Boat Dock

Posts: 0 - Anyone know what is taking so long with the boat dock project? Thought we would see some action by now. Hope there aren't any snags.

1305 days ago.
by Tylercocitizen85
Tyler Consolidated HS (1993-Present)

Posts: 0 - When the new HS opened up in 1993, it was a source of County Pride. The first football game vs Lincoln was a "Tyler County Fair" atmosphere.

1306 days ago.
by Suzie40
Trash in the Park

Posts: 0 - @Anonymous: Why did you leave your trash on the ground in the park? A beautiful park to walk, sit, eat, swing, relax, .. whatever., has been provide for you by the efforts of many.

1312 days ago.
by Caring
Di d you feel the earthquake at about 2pm?

Posts: 0 - Did anybody else feel the earthquake this afternoon at about 2pm? Just wondering.

1312 days ago.
by Caring
9/11 Memorial Service

Posts: 0 - Is it just me, or is something terribly "arse" backwards about the fact that the First Responders are not being invited to the memorial ceremony in NY ???? Yes, they are being given a...

1316 days ago.
by whydoineed6Characterforname
Just another complain

Posts: 0 - I stopped today at our "beach" I couldn't believe what I discovered. A brand spanking new triple swing. Way to nice and to comfy.It is also placed in the wrong direction.

1317 days ago.
by WVprincess
Great Topic on Facebook!!!

Posts: 0 - Someone started a topic called "You know you're from Sistersville when...." People coming out of the woodwork remembering their favorite moments growing up in Sistersville.

1317 days ago.
by Jonniep1981
Tyler County Fair 2011

Posts: 0 - "Sit Back And Relax At The Tyler Co. Fair"