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Tyler County Happenings

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2352 days ago.
by whyohwhy
Sistersville Ferry

Posts: 0 - Is it possible that the Ferry be designated as a Historic site by The U. S. Historical Society. That might some more needed money and well deserved national attention (tourists).

2360 days ago.
by dangerousdaneerfan
Star News now 75 cents!!!!

Posts: 0 - Ouch!!!!

2364 days ago.
by Goodfellow
Memorial Day

Posts: 0 - Memorial Day weekend is upon us.. For me, I fully understand the meaning of Memorial Day but I really think that meaning has gotten lost in today's society.

2365 days ago.
by ILuvTylerCo
Two Youth football leagues in Tyler County

Posts: 0 - I think this is only hurting the kid's.The little tiger's have been apart of this community since 1997.

2366 days ago.
by RightontheMark
Prayers and Condolences to the Family of Bill Stewart

Posts: 0 - Former WVU head football coach and former Sistersville HS assistant football coach Bill Stewart has passed. He was 59 years old. RIP Coach Stew!!!!!

2380 days ago.
by RightontheMark
What do you think about legalizing same-sex marriage in WV?

Posts: 0 - What do you think about legalizing same-sex marriage in West Virginia?

2381 days ago.
by dangerousdaneerfan
Remember to Vote May 8!!!!

Posts: 0 - No matter your party regestration. No matter your views. Please visit your local poll and VOTE!!!!! Just remember IF you are Independent.

2382 days ago.
by RightontheMark
Gas drillers taking over

Posts: 0 - Yes just found out today that the gas people have booked the camping area in the paden city park. I usually camp there several times a somer to visit with family and friends.

2392 days ago.
by TylerResident
Campaign signs

Posts: 0 - After seeing a certain candidate having so many signs out,I think he is thinking defeat.

2392 days ago.
by TylerResident
question about recent election

Posts: 0 - I know the election is a few days old now but I'm just curious to see which candidate was endorsed by who.

2392 days ago.
by TylerResident
Karl Paul for House of Deligates!!!!

Posts: 0 - I have known Karl for some time. He is a native of New York City and, until 6 months ago, a long time State employee.

2394 days ago.
by Iamchaz
What's coming up in the 'ville?

Posts: 0 - So anyone know what is coming up in the next couple of months as far as community activities in the 'ville?

2397 days ago.
by whyohwhy
Fox wins mayors race

Posts: 0 - Well it looks like Sistersville will be suffering through another term with Dave as mayor.You can kiss any of the "promises" he made during his campaign goodbye.

2427 days ago.
by billyjoeraybob
PJ Wells for Tyler County Bd of Ed!!!!

Posts: 0 - I would like to endorse PJ for Board of Ed. PJ is of sound character, works very hard, and will do an excellent job on the Tyler Board of E.

2448 days ago.
by Noobie23
A Spooky Idea to Bring in Business

Posts: 0 - Why can't Sistersville do more for Halloween than just have Trick or Treat a couple hours (on a school night I might add) and a parade? Whe couldn't we have a Festival? Have a Halloween dance at th...

2450 days ago.
by tubaman
Nothing to do...

Posts: 0 - So boring here in Tyler County this time of year. Winter is awful as it is but throw in nothing to do and it is downright miserable.

2458 days ago.
by Tylercocitizen85
Mayoral Debate at Wells Inn

Posts: 0 - How did Thursday's debate go? Was it well-attended? Did the candidates answer questions completely and competently? Inquiring minds, you know!

2459 days ago.
by whyohwhy

Posts: 0 - I was so glad to see the Mayor showing appreciation for the city workers and so many others in his column.

2459 days ago.
by Tylercocitizen85
Oil & Gas Festival

Posts: 0 - 2 months till O&G Fest. Now is the time to get involved and help make it a success. Or, you could do the usual, and just wait until festival time and complain about everything.

2459 days ago.
by Tylercocitizen85
Quite is over

Posts: 0 - I moved here about 18 month ago and it was always a quite nice town. BUT, since the new Sheriff or Chief (or what ever you call him) is here; quite is over.