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Tyler County Happenings

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2809 days ago.
by whyohwhy
R U Guys suizidal?

Posts: 0 - This is for the person, who is responsible for the Gas festival. How do you sleep at night? Why do you ask for 3 Bucks for admission, but take the risk of a multimillion Dollar Lawsuit.

2817 days ago.
by whyohwhy
Why are the water bills so late????

Posts: 0 - "The city should run as well, or better, than ever," commented Fox. "Hopefully, we can make a smooth transition in the department, without encountering any major issues.

2820 days ago.
by Jaskot1
Mark Walker 4 Mayor!!!!

Posts: 0 - Unlike Preident Obama who promised us "Hope and Change" which ended up being very little hope and just a little change in our pockets, Mr Walker will provide REAL hope and change for...

2835 days ago.
by whyohwhy
New life in an empty building?

Posts: 0 - I see activity in the old Millers Pharmacy bldg. Anyone know what's happening? Did someone buy it? I hope so.

2872 days ago.
by Iamchaz
I'm a bad electrician

Posts: 0 - So, I just heard that I'm a very bad electrician and I should for sure not fix the lighting in the Library. I don't care about the library, but , I'm a bad Electricia.

2876 days ago.
by RandallEastham
City worker uses a city generator at his house

Posts: 0 - How could a city worker use a city owned generator at his house during the recent power outage? Why did the city not have this generator somewhere else to use? Would the city allow any other...

Volunteers at Witscheys needed

Posts: 0 - Folks, workers are still urgently being requested to help at Witscheys in Middlebourne to distribute water, ice and meals ready to eat. Just stop by...

2881 days ago.
by coco1954
Middlebourne 200th. Birthday Celebration

Posts: 0 - There will be a public meeting for all citizens, organizations and businesses interested in participating in the celebration. It will be held on Monday, July the 2nd. at 6:30 p.m.

Workers desperately needed

Posts: 0 - IF you are able to assist relief workers at Witschey's in Middlebourne by providing those in need with water, ice and MRE's (meals ready to eat), please contact the Tyler County Office of Emergency...

WRSG still in the dark

Posts: 0 - Folks, until Pleasant Ridge gets power, we will not be able to broadcast. Everything in the studio looks good, however, except we have no internet, so I can't receive new shows for the weekend.

2882 days ago.
by Goodfellow
Storm updates on 91.5 FM

Posts: 0 - Folks, I plan on going out Thursday to assess the situation and make sure power has been restored to both Tyler Consolidated AND Pleasants Ridge, where the transmitter is situated.

2884 days ago.
by ILuvTylerCo
Sistersville Ferry

Posts: 0 - Is it possible that the Ferry be designated as a Historic site by The U. S. Historical Society. That might some more needed money and well deserved national attention (tourists).

2891 days ago.
by whydoineed6Characterforname
I need a non Profit Organisation.

Posts: 0 - I'm looking for a (any Local would be best) Nonprofit organization who will sponsor a raffle.You can make money for your organization with absolute no investment.

2896 days ago.
by snorks
Create our own Multicultural Festival

Posts: 0 - With Tyler Countians, plus folks from other nearby areas descended from many different nationalities, could we not create our own multicultural festival similar to Parkersburg? It could be...

2897 days ago.
by Goodfellow
Happy 149th Birthday West Virginia!!!!

Posts: 0 - Let's all sing!!!! Country Roads, take me home to the place I belong West Virginia, Mountain mamma Take me home country roads!!!! From the State Capitol in Charleston to the County Seat of...

flyers on electric poles

Posts: 0 - As summer approaches and yard sale season is here electric poles seem like the perfect place to advertise.

WRSG Summer Knights Radio Show

Posts: 0 - Students in any Tyler County school that would desire community service hours, plus adult volunteers are needed for this year's 'Summer Knights Radio Show.

VBS Amazing Wonders Aviation

Posts: 0 - Indian Creek Southern Baptist Church VBS June 18-22 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm Come out and enjoy an awesome week! Ages- 3 yr - 6th grade completed

Nothing to do...really?

Posts: 0 - Folks, I was blessed to be the MC for the first annual Mountaineer pageant on Saturday, with a small but enthusiastic turnout.

2910 days ago.
by blogger57
Tyler Consolidated Silver Knights Football

Posts: 0 - Looks like we are off to a rough start again this year.