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Tyler County Happenings

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1995 days ago.
by asgoodasyou
Who is the owner of the old High School?

Posts: 0 - I would like to know, who is the owner of the old High School in Sistersville.

2013 days ago.
by Jonniep1981
Historical interest

Posts: 0 - Anyone interested in getting a Sistersville historical group together. There is a lot of history here and I think we could develop i.

2024 days ago.
by MOMMA32
Rental Halls

Posts: 0 - Can anyone get me some information about a rental hall to have a bridal shower? I know that the fire hall room can be rented out, but I need to know who to contact and how much it cost.

2029 days ago.
by whyohwhy
Sistersville Community Theater

Posts: 0 - Went to the play at the community theater this weekend and watched the "Odd Couple" and had a great time. Thought the actors all did a good job, especially Judy Light as Oliv.

2030 days ago.
by dangerousdaneerfan
Sistersville City Council Meeting "CANCELED"

Posts: 0 - Next meeting will be held in January. The City Charter says there WILL be a City Council meeting each month. OK Mayor Fox, what was the reason for the cancellation???

2036 days ago.
by whyohwhy
December 8, 1970 - 39 years ago today

Posts: 0 - I vividly recall my mother waking me up and telling me to come to the front bedroom window. What I saw horrified a wide-eyed 10 year old boy.

2037 days ago.
by ILuvTylerCo
Dr. Dave Walker

Posts: 0 - I can't stand that Dr. Dave on WTRF. Who the*****does he think he is?

2038 days ago.
by whyohwhy
New Year's resolution

Posts: 0 - I resolve to be a better cousin/adopted son to Frances Tippins. To be more in touch and involved. To stay in touch more with my friends...

2038 days ago.
by JimmyCrow
Merry Christmas to my fellow bloggers

Posts: 0 - Santa asked me to give out some leftover gifts!! iamchaz - A year full of success with the hotel an theatre.

2046 days ago.
by Iamchaz
Christmas Parade

Posts: 0 - How can we improve the Christmas Parade in Sistersville? Last year was my first time at the Christmas Parade and it was a joke! Lack of participants, lack of crowds along the parade rout.

2046 days ago.
by whyohwhy
Ice Skating

Posts: 0 - I heard that there is a possibility the city may set up an ice skating place in town.

2049 days ago.
by whyohwhy
Happy Holidays - Friendly Byways

Posts: 0 - Happy Holidays does NOT offend me. I have friends that are from different religions and cultures so it is best to say "Happy Holidays".

Ad correction "A Christmas Carol"

Posts: 0 - A children's version of "A Christmas Carol" will be live on stage at The Gaslight Theater December 18th at 2PM.

2050 days ago.
by pianobaby
born here mentality

Posts: 0 - Aren't you "outsiders" glad most of the old folks have passed on? Here you are able to come into a town I've lived in for 40+ years & try to take over.

2053 days ago.
by pianobaby
Any truth to the Family Dollar Rumor?

Posts: 0 - Heard through the grapevine Family Dollar is wanting to come to Sistersville, also heard some local businesses are NOT wanting them.

2056 days ago.
by whyohwhy
It's a Wonderful Life

Posts: 0 - now showng at the Gaslight Theater this week at 7 pm. So if you are reading this, you need to go! A classic movie to make you feel good. And we all need to uplift our spirits in these troubled times.

2082 days ago.
by snchaplin
Sistersville Oil% Gas Festival

Posts: 0 - Does anyone know who the main person is that head's up the oil and gas festival. i need to get in contact with this person and try and get this back to the way it was some time ago.

2088 days ago.
by ILuvTylerCo
Congrats to the Knights!!!!

Posts: 0 - For winning their final 3 games of the 2010 football campaign. Here's hoping it is a springboard for a better 2011.

2092 days ago.
by ILuvTylerCo
New Businesses

Posts: 0 - Looks like some remodeling is going on inside the old Farmers and Merchants Bank bldg. Does anyone know what kind of store it is going to be and how soon it may open?

2095 days ago.
by Tylercocitizen85
wells Inn

Posts: 0 - I spoke with county tax office...the hotel is in State possession until taxes are paid. Won't come up for auction until 2011. Wrote owner and asked for meeting...have not heard from him.