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EMS Gives Update To Tyler County Commission

April 24, 2019
By Maddisen Eidel - Staff Writer , Tyler Star News

The Tyler County Commission held a regular meeting on April 9 at 9 a.m. The first order of business was the approval of the minutes from the March 26 regular meeting. This approval was granted with a motion made by Commissioner John Stender and seconded by Commissioner Mike Smith. The motion was carried.

Exonerations were then given by Tyler County Assessor Lisa Jackson, who informed the commission there were only a few corrections. A motion was made by Stender to accept the exonerations, and Smith seconded it. The motion was carried. The Fiduciary Report was given by County Clerk Neil Archer II. This report was approved with a motion made by Stender and seconded by Smith. The motion was quickly carried.

Following this, EMS Director Patricia Keller brought an update to the commission on the purchase of an ambulance. Keller reported the EMS is taking the necessary steps in order to complete this purchase, and is closer to being able to do such.

The director also explained the organization is financing $122,000, and is getting a loan with a 3.89 interest rate. She reported EMS is putting down $50,000 for the vehicle, and it would be paid off within three years.

It was also said because the purchase is tax-exempt, the commission would need to sign a form.

Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee was given this form to review.

Keller reported more paperwork was needed, and the discussion would continue at the next regular meeting.

Keller also explained the 1977 Ambulance, 484, is being traded, and Ambulance 482 would be placed in Alma.

In another matter, Chief Tax Deputy Patricia Boggs reported the State Auditor's Office had contacted her about a program being implemented in order to do direct deposits. Boggs was requesting approval to open a clearing account where all the money would be deposited. From that account, she would disperse the money into the appropriate accounts. Commissioner Eric Vincent said it would be necessary for her to be on this account, so she can disperse the money as needed. With a motion made by Stender and seconded by Smith, the motion was carried.

In other business, approval was needed for the Extension Office Budget Document. While the budget was previously approved, the commissioners had failed to sign the document. A motion was made by Smith to sign the document, and Stender seconded it. The motion was carried.

Approval was also needed for funding for the American Red Cross. At the March 26 regular meeting, the Red Cross had requested funds in the amount of $2,500. It was said the organization is approaching every county commission for assistance. After some discussion, Smith made a motion to approve of the funding. Stender seconded it, and the motion was carried.

Also in need of approval was payment to Cricket Web Services for the county's website, reportedly being completely redone as it is currently outdated. According to Vincent, the design cost will be $2,000 for one year and would include renewing the domain name, someone managing the site, and changing information as needed. Stender made a motion to approve of the payment, and Smith seconded it. The motion was carried. Vincent then asked all departments to turn in pertinent information for the website update.

Smith then brought an update on the Local Emergency Planning Committee. He explained several grants are arriving for the breathing air compressor, and the LEPC is waiting on vendors to install power cables. The LEPC also received a 2019 Search and Rescue Training Grant; however, the LEPC is required to spend the money acquired from this grant by the end of April. At this time, nine students and two instructors have been funded for the course.

It was also said FEMA had approved a grant for Emergency Management Performance for 2016, and Smith announced that a grant for 2017 had been submitted.

Smith reported the installation of the generator at the Tyler County Sheriff's Office will be finished within the following week. He also said LED signs acquired from a grant were being shipped on April 15. The signs will reportedly be placed at Tyler Consolidated, the Wetzel-Tyler Health Department in Paden City, the hospital, and on Route 2. The Tyler County Board of Education is reportedly placing signs at each elementary school in Tyler County. The estimated completion of the project was said to be sometime in May.

Smith then announced upcoming training - including a Search and Rescue training April 27-28, and a Stop the Bleed on May 28. Smith said the latter will have good information and encouraged people to attend.

It was also mentioned that Tyler County's Search and Rescue team was invited to conduct presentations at a few Wetzel County schools

Smith then reported the Mass Casualty Trailer was almost complete, and was ready to be filled with supplies. Tyler County Office of Emergency Manager Tom Cooper said a company which agreed to offer supplies was given a list of needed items.

Following this update, Stender began discussion about recognizing veterans in Tyler County. He explained on the wall of one hallway in the courthouse is a list of names of people from Tyler County who had served in both World Wars. He said the American Legion is wanting to extend the plaque out by adding the names of veterans from the Vietnam and Korean Wars, as well as all who have served. Stender said the only requirement for being added to the list is for the veteran to have been born and raised in Tyler County. Stender made a motion to begin research on who would apply for this, and Smith seconded it. The motion was carried.

Stender then updated his fellow commissioners on the 4-H Grounds Assembly Hall's flooring. In a previous meeting he mentioned the floors were uneven with a 2.5 inch drop. Stender explained work to fix this issue had started, saying the floor had already been torn up and that the underlayment was in the process of being replaced. He told all present the whole upstairs should be finished by the next regular meeting on April 23.

Stender also said the bathroom is complete, and only a mirror is needed. In regards to the boys dorm, he said the drywall should be done in about one-and-one-half weeks. weeks. He also reported the electric pole would be installed that day.

In other business, Sheriff Brian Weigle began discussion on the needed repairs of the Tax and Assessor Office flooring. Weigle reported a contractor went underneath the courthouse in order to look at the flooring. According to the contractor, the flooring was in "bad shape." It was said that mud and water is coming through underneath. As such, it was said the foundation needs to be addressed.

To fix the flooring, the total cost is estimated to be $13,500 and would take about two weeks to complete. While there is no official start date at this time, the contractor agreed to have the project completed by July 1.

Smith made a motion to approve the repairs, and Stender seconded it. The motion was carried.

Also scheduled to address the commission was Ritchie County Commissioner Steve Worden. However, he failed to appear that morning. It was said Worden was wanting to discuss Tyler E-911 combining with Ritchie and Doddridge County's E-911. However, Tyler County E-911 Director conveyed he is opposed to this idea.

Following this discussion, the commissioners entered into an Executive Session with County Clerk Neil Archer and Assessor Lisa Jackson.

The Tyler County Commission will hold its next regular meeting on April 23 at 9 a.m.



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