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Regional Champions x II

May 15, 2013
Tyler Star News

When a team sets a mark that goes down in school history, it's a pretty cool thing, but when two teams set a mark at the same event for the same school, it's extra special indeed. This was exactly the case for Tyler Consolidated's girls and boys track teams on May 9 in Lewis County as both teams earned overall first place finishes at the Region I Track and Field Championships.

The Lady Knights blew away the field of competitors scoring 140 overall points to take the Region title. Clay-Battelle placed second overall with 99.50 points, followed by St. Marys, with 74; Wheeling Central Catholic, 52; Madonna, 43; Magnolia, 40.50; Bishop Donahue, 30; Trinity Christian, 26; Valley, 21; Cameron, 19; and Paden City, 10.

Lady Knight senior, Haylea LeMasters, was the high point champion in the girls division with 38 points, taking first place in the 300 meter hurdles, long jump and pole vault competitions and second place in the 100 meter hurdles.

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Members of the Consolidated girls' team qualifying individually for the state tournament this week include: LeMasters; Carly Fletcher qualifying with a second place finish in the 800; Makayla Clegg, 2nd place in the high jump and fourth in the 100 meter hurdles; Caroline Bantug, 2nd in the pole vault; Kerstyn Cline, 2nd place in the long jump and fifth place in the 200 meter dash; Amber Watson, third place in the 3200 meter run; Allison Wable, fourth place, 300 meter hurdles; Megan Carpenter, fourth place high jump; Hannah Casteel, fourth place, pole vault; and Hillary Casteel, fifth place in the 100 meter dash.

All four relay teams will compete at the state championships after qualifying at the Regional in the following places: 4x800 relay, first place (Carpenter, Wable, Smith, Fletcher);

Shuttle hurdles, second place (Clegg, Hartsfield, Wable, Hannah Casteel); 4x100 relay, third place (Cline, Keys, Gogan, Casteel); 4x200 relay, third place (Cline, Gogan, Keys, Casteel); and the 4x400 relay third place (Gogan, Carpenter, Wable, Fletcher).

"The kids exceeded all of our expectations," said the head coach of the girls track team at Consolidated, J.C. Kimble. "Everyone stepped up and ran the best times of the year. I am very proud of all the athletes that competed with the Tyler Consolidated uniform on this year. They were great representatives of the school and our community."

"It was a great night for Tyler Consolidated."

The Paden City girls team will be sending four ladies to the state meet after qualifying third in the shuttle hurdle relays (Lynnsie Parsons, Josie Fox, Logan Cosper, Kayla Hizer), and Kayla Hizer placing 5th in the 100 high hurdles.

The boys team race was a close one in Lewis County, basically coming down to the last competition of the evening, but the Silver Knights held on for the win with 125 team points. St. Marys came in a very close second with 120; followed by Magnolia with 114; Valley, 69; Clay-Battelle, 54; Madonna, 26; Paden City, 21; Bishop Donahue, 14; Cameron, six; and Hundred, three points.

The Silver Knights qualified 12 guys for the state meet including: senior Alex Doak who placed first in both the 100 and 200 meter dashes and took third in the 400; Hunter LeMasters took first in the pole vault, and second in both the 100 and 300 meter hurdles; Josh Ruble placed second in the pole vault; Josh Highley qualified with a second place finish in the shot put; and junior Ryan Dalrymple placed third overall in the 1600 meter run.

All five Consolidated relay teams qualified to compete at state: 4x400 relay , first place (Reynolds, Scheidemantel, Ice, LeMasters); 4x800 relay, first place (Dalrymple, Reynolds, Cooper, Weekley); 4x100 relay - Tyler, 3rd place (Ice, Doak, Ruble, Highley); 4x200 relay, fourth place (Ice, Scheidemantel, Highley, Coskun); Shuttle hurdles, fourth place (Highley, Ice, Peck, Ruble).

"I am very pleased with performances at our Regional meet in Lewis County," said Jill LeMasters, head coach of the Silver Knights. "Winning Regionals was a really big accomplishment, especially moving into the single A bracket. Our boys did an outstanding job and everyone ran their best time this year. They are a hard working team that want to succeed and do their best."

"At the State meet, some boys are hoping to break a few school records. I know the team will give 100 percent and will all strive to run their best times. As a team, we have a strong group of boys who all have experience and many accomplishments among them. This experience will help us accomplish many strides at state and we are hoping for a strong finish to complete our year."

Though not large in number, several Paden City High School athletes placed high enough at the Regionals to qualify for the state meet. The boys shuttle hurdle team of Brandon Cross, Kennedy Cain, Deven Price and Logan Carroll turned on the heat to take first place overall at the competition. The 4x100 team of Drew Bidwell, Price, Cross and Cain placed fourth; the 4x200 relay team of Zach Heasley, Cain, Cross and Bidwell placed 5th; and Drew Bidwell qualified with a fifth place finish in the 100 meter dash.

First place and local finishers results follow:

Girls results

100 meter dash: 1) Hill, BD, 13.18; 5) Hillary Casteel, TC, 14.01

200 meter dash: 1) Baker, WC, 27.42; 5)Kerstyn Cline, TC, 28.75; 6) Casteel, TC, 29.15

400 meter dash: 1) Hill, CB, 1:02.28; 9) Brooke Keys, TC, 1:10.46; 14) Courtney Daugherty, TC, 1:13.45; 17) Hannah Roberts, TC, 1:16.27

800 meter run: 1) Drazba, SM, 2:28.68; 2) Carly Fletcher, TC, 2:36.06; 8) Haleigh Smith, TC, 2:45.97; 19) Lauren Seckman, TC, 3:20.29

1600 meter run: 1) Drazba, SM, 5:46.66; 7) Amber Watson, TC, 6:17.32;14) Kelly Rice, TC, 6:52.99; 17) Mallory Estel, PC, 7:09.27; 20) Seckman, TC, 7:36.34

3200 meter run: 1) Drazba, SM, 12:23.84; 3) Watson, TC, 12:53.80; 5) Rice, TC, 14:40.10; 7) Estel, PC, 15:40.24

100 meter hurdles: 1) Carreon, CB, 16.18; 2) Haylea LeMasters, TC, 16.39; 4) Makayla Clegg, TC, 17.25; 5) Kayla Hizer, PC, 17.40; 8) Kaylee Hartsfield, TC, 18.83

300 meter hurdles: 1) LeMasters, TC, 50.69; 4) Allison Wable, TC, 51.91; 6) Logan Cosper, PC, 53.95; 8) Hartsfield, TC, 56.55

4x100 relay: 1) Clay-Battelle, 52.58; 3) Tyler, 54.19 (Cline, Keys, Gogan, Casteel); 6) Paden City, 57.41 (Cosper, Fox, Hizer, Parsons)

4x200 relay: 1) Clay-Battelle, 1:50.68; 3) Tyler, 1:53.74 (Cline, Gogan, Keys, Casteel); 7) Paden City, 2:02.04 (Cosper, Fox, Hizer, Parsons)

4x400 relay: 1) Clay-Battelle, 4:23.86; 3) Tyler, 4:33.43 (Gogan, Carpenter, Wable, Fletcher)

4x800 relay: 1) Tyler, 10:31 (Carpenter, Wable, Smith, Fletcher)

Shuttle hurdles: 1) Wheeling Central, 1:09.57; 2) Tyler, 1:11.29 (Clegg, Hartsfield, Wable, Casteel); 3) Paden City, 1:13.01 (Parsons, Fox, Cosper, Hizer)

High jump: 1) Ross, Cam, 4-10; 2) Clegg, TC, 4-10; 4) Megan Carpenter, TC, 4-06

Pole vault: 1) LeMasters, TC, 9-01; 2) Caroline Bantug, TC, 7-06; 4) Hannah Casteel, TC, 7-00

Long jump: 1) LeMasters, TC, 15-02; 2) Kerstyn Cline, TC, 14-10.25; 5) Makayla Clegg, TC, 14-01

Shot put: 1) Taylor, SM, 32-00.75; 6) Kara Dalrymple, TC, 26-11.25; 11) Breanna Yeater, TC, 24-11; 14) Megan Schlabowski, TC, 22-04.50; 20) Aubrey Ritchie, PC, 19-03; 22) Chelsea Dennis, PC, 17-08; 23) Erin Richmond, PC, 17-05

Discus throw: 1) Pavan, Mad, 89-03; 5) Laura Jochum, TC, 83-10; 6) Schlabowski, TC, 80-11; 7) Sydney Yoho, TC, 77-08; 18) Ritchie, PC, 53-05; 20) Miranda Reynolds, PC, 48-07; 21) Dennis, PC, 48-06

Boys results

100 meter dash: 1) Alex Doak, TC, 11.43; 5) Drew Bidwell, PC, 11.91

200 meter dash: 1) Doak, TC, 22.82; 6) Mert Coskun, TC, 25.45; 8) Bidwell, PC, 27.65

400 meter dash: 1) Tolley, CB, 50.37; 3) Doak, TC, 51.65; 6) Kennedy Cain, PC, 55.91; 7) Swen Scheidemantel, TC, 57.20; 10) Tyler Kiger, PC, 58.45; 17) Scott Gorby, TC, 1:07.49

800 meter run: 1) Whitehair, SM, 2:07.03; 6) Dylan Reynolds, TC, 2:15.10; 6) Ryan Dalrymple, TC, 2:18.24; 12) Julian Work, TC, 2:26.60; 13) Travis Leonard, PC, 2:27.11; 24) Matthew Greathouse, PC, 2:53.11

1600 meter run: 1) Whitehair, SM, 4:45.71; 3) Dalrymple, TC, 5:05.85; 6) Daron Weekley, TC, 5:19.04; 14) Kristopher Byers, PC, 5:52.29; 19) Matthew Greathouse, PC, 6:44.95

3200 meter run: 1) Whitehair, SM, 10:13.33; 4) Dalrymple, TC, 11:09.49; 12) Hsuan Hung, PC, 13:13.92

110 meter hurdles: 1) Fetty, SM, 16.53; 2) Hunter LeMasters, TC, 17.05; 5) Deven Price, PC, 18.91; 6) Josh Peck, TC, 18.91

300 meter hurdles: 1) Fetty, SM, 41.87; 2) LeMasters, TC, 42.53; 5) Peck, TC, 48.41

4x100 relay: 1) Clay-Battelle, 45.80; 3) Tyler, 46.16 (Ice, Doak, Ruble, Highley); 4) Paden City, 47.43 (Pyles, Cain, Cross, Bidwell)

4x200 relay: 1) Magnolia, 1:35.13; 4) Tyler, 1:36.90 (Ice, Scheidemantel, Highley, Coskun); 5) Paden City, 1:40.46 (Cain, Cross, Heasley, Bidwell)

4x400 relay: 1) Tyler, 3:44.28 (Reynolds, Scheidemantel, Ice, LeMasters); 7) Paden City, 4:08.23 (Kiger, Heasley, Chansawang, Leonard)

4x800 relay: 1) Tyler, 8:59.60 (Dalrymple, Reynolds, Cooper, Weekley); 8) Paden City, 10:11.51 (Heasley, Kiger, Byers, Leonard)

Shuttle hurdles: 1) Paden City, 1:05.03 (Cross, Cain, Carroll, Price); 4) Tyler, 1:06.97 (Highley, Ice, Peck, Ruble)

Pole vault: 1) LeMasters, TC, 13-00; 2) Josh Ruble, TC, 11-06

Long jump: 1) Fetty, SM, 20-03.75; 5) Coskun, TC, 17-10.75; 8) Tachi Melchionna, TC, 16-04.25; 13) Dustin Tawney, TC, 11-01

Shot put: 1) Mason, VHS, 50-08.75; 2) Jacob Highley, TC, 45-08.25; 7) Drew Casey, TC, 37-09.75; 15) Jay Earley, TC, 32-08.50; 18) Dakota Gatain, PC, 31-04.75; 20) Denton Thomas, PC, 30-08.25; 28) Kalob Byers, PC, 23-04.50

Discus throw: 1) Mason, VHS, 146-08; 4) Casey, TC, 114-06; 6) Earley, TC, 107-03.50; 12) Nick Anderson, TC, 91-05; 17) Thomas, PC, 86-02.75; 26) Gatain, PC, 60-06.50; 27) Byers, PC, 60-02

The West Virginia High School Track and Field Championships will be held at Laidley Field in Charleston on May 17 and 18. Competition will begin on Friday at 2 p.m. and on Saturday at 9 a.m.



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