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Ask before you give

February 17, 2010
Tyler Star News

In larger, more populated and busier communities than ours, organizations and groups hold fundraisers almost daily for one cause or another, all, we're sure, quite deserving. Though our communities are small, densely populated and a lot less busy than we used to be, we also have residents who are dedicated volunteers rasing funds for important purposes.

Because of their economy, residents of larger communities are able to donate more, therefore, the causes they donate to should raise more money. But this does not always prove to be true.

Those raising funds for charity in larger communities seem to have to work harder, their residents are less likely to donate, and when they do, it is not as much as it could be. Here, however, once we are convinced that it is a worthy cause, we donate freely. All of us.

In this weeks Tyler Star News you will find several groups, organizations and a solitary veteran seeking funds for causes close to their hearts. They each have set goals to raise both awareness of their plights and a certain monetary total.

We are not asking that you donate to these causes, nor give of your time . . . not until you call the phone numbers provided by each group, and ask the questions that are important to you about their charities.

Ask about their overall goal. Is this something that is needed? Who will benefit? Once their monetary goal has been met, how will it be used? What if their goal is not met, how will the collected funds be used?

And then ask yourself if you feel comfortable donating to such a cause. If so, by all means, lend a hand, give a donation.

Better yet, give of your time.



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