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To Hunt or Not To Hunt...

November 4, 2009 In most counties in West Virginia, it is illegal to hunt on Sunday — even on private lan. more »»

Consider Your Neighbors

October 28, 2009 As we near the end of October and draw closer to the holidays and all that they bring, let us be mindful of those in our community who are not as fortunate. more »»

Stop The Violence

October 21, 2009 The images of a mother sobbing at the bedside of a child fighting for his life after a brutal attack by his classmates is enough to send shivers down your spine. more »»

Come Together...Right Now

October 14, 2009 The message boards at are full of clarion calls to action, cries for help and burning questions without answers. more »»

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

October 7, 2009 Tyler Consolidated High School boasts some of the most outstanding students, athletes and musicians in this region. more »»

Reaping the Harvest of Health

September 30, 2009 Fall has come once again — as it always does and always wil. more »»

Honoring a great generation

September 16, 2009 The Veterans of World War II have been hailed as the greatest generation of Americans. more »»

Remembering our mistakes

September 9, 2009 The feelings of sadness and loss with which we look back on Sept. 11, 2001, have shifted focus over the last eight years. more »»

Change is on the horizon

September 2, 2009 The Tyler Star News has undergone yet another change. Logan Smith, our Sports Reporter, has elected to further his college education. more »»

Stimulating Change

August 26, 2009 Our state's choice not to allow charter schools could possibly eliminate us from competing for more than $4 billion in federal education grants. more »»

On the outside looking in

August 19, 2009 It’s easy to complain about something when you are on the outside looking in. It seems that no matter what the situation someone else can always find a better way of doing things. more »»

Hodge-podge rules the day

August 12, 2009 With varied opinions throughout the community, it’s nice to know the Sistersville City Council has the best interest’s of the citizens in mind when making decisions that could make or break the city. more »»

Betting on a winning team

August 5, 2009 More than 6,100 jobless workers in West Virginia will run out of unemployment benefits by the end of 2009, according to estimates from the National Employment Law Project. more »»

Choose Your Battles

July 29, 2009 Every day we are faced with issues, circumstances, controversies and situations but the decision to fight or sit on the sidelines is solely ours. more »»

You Are No Better

July 22, 2009 It’s a good rule of thumb, when dealing with people who come from different backgrounds, to approach every situation in a neutral manner, leaving biases out of the mix. more »»

We Don’t Have the Right

July 15, 2009 Do we as citizens have the right to tell other citizens what to do with property they own? Should we prohibit people from moving to our town simply because they cannot afford to buy or... more »»

Lighting up the night

July 8, 2009 It has been said there are two kinds of light — the glow that illuminates and the glare that obscures. more »»

We Are Here for You

July 1, 2009 We believe in supporting local business and we want to see Tyler County thrive and the people who live here and do business in its communities prosper as a resul. more »»

Get Involved!

June 24, 2009 As many of you know, Sistersville has been awarded a grant via Tyler Alive for the revitalization of the downtown distric. more »»

To Be Or Not To Be

June 17, 2009 Growing up we were told by our parents and other adults with whom we were in contact that we could be anything we wanted to be and do anything we wanted to do. more »»



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