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Tyler Commissioners May Have To Make Difficult Decision

October 21, 2015 The Tyler County Commissioners have a difficult decision to make regarding the “Poor Farm.” Their choices? figure out a way to preserve it, or tear it down. more »»

Hoping Students Learn From Stories

October 14, 2015 Tyler Consolidated High School recently brought in two speakers to share their stories with the students about giving in to peer pressure and making bad decisions. more »»

Sports Rivalry Turns Unfriendly

October 7, 2015 On Friday night, during the Tyler Consolidated vs. River High School football game, some events took place that go beyond good competition. more »»

Helping Police Serve and Protect

September 29, 2015 Police officers have a difficult jobs with their daily duties, but having community support and backing can often times make their jobs easier. more »»

Community Supports Child

September 23, 2015 In recent weeks, there has been much debate about the topic of Hundred resident and student Roy Stevens’ education. It’s upsetting to see a family have to fight so hard to keep their child in schoo. more »»

More Taxes Just Won’t Work

September 16, 2015 Taxing small town businesses and it’s residents destroys the communities. Take a look around and ask yourself what has happened. Once vibrant streets were busy with people, restaurants were ope. more »»

Students, Parents Show Spirit

August 26, 2015 A latest topic has been the education of high school student Roy Stevens. The concern has been should he go to Magnolia High School because he has an IEP or stay at Hundred High School. more »»

Dog Ordinance Dies at Council

August 19, 2015 A major issue that has been the center of discussion at Middlebourne Council meetings have been the vicious dogs that are running at large in the area. more »»

Dogs Have a Nose for Search and Rescue

August 5, 2015 When the term working dog comes to mind, we often think of police dogs or service dogs. more »»

Beauty and Grace

July 29, 2015 One of the most popular events at the Tyler County Fair, the queen pageant, will take place next Monday night at the Tyler County Fairground’s main stag. more »»

Fairs and Festival Tab Is Full of Fun

July 15, 2015 This weeks edition holds an important guide for the summer, the Fairs and Festival tab. more »»

Let Freedom Ring

July 8, 2015 We hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day. We definitely enjoyed covering the various local festivals marking the occasion. more »»

Not All Pitbulls Are Vicious

July 1, 2015 It is another sad incident that a police officer shot and killed a Pitbull. The officer had to defend himself. more »»

Community Involvement Counts

June 24, 2015 Back in February when we first heard the news of Energy Express coming to Wetzel County, we were ecstatic. more »»

Council Talks Ordinance On Vicious Dogs

June 17, 2015 A major issue that has been the center of discussion at Middlebourne Council meetings have been the vicious dogs that are running at large in the area. more »»

A Tough Week For Law Enforcement

June 10, 2015 The police in Wetzel and Tyler County have had a very busy few weeks. It was recently reported that a fatal shooting occurred in Paden City Monday night. more »»

It’s Never to Late To Honor War Veterans

June 3, 2015 High school graduation is a milestone event is everyone’s life. It is the time where one chapter ends and a new one begins. more »»

A Time to Give Congratulations And Thank-Yous

May 27, 2015 Memorial Day is about more than cookouts, a day off from work or consuming alcohol. This is a day that remember those who gave all and lost their lives for the sake of our county. more »»

Dog issues nothing new for any municipal government

May 21, 2015 Middlebourne council recently discussed the issue of vicious dogs in the area. Sadly, they are not the first community to have to tackle this issue. more »»

Paving way for students

April 29, 2015 Part of our mission is keeping abreast of the academic achievements of students in our community. more »»



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